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The Young Scientists Club Extreme Fossil Dig

SKU: 106898758
Future paleontologists and archaeologists perform their first excavation with this set that includes 18 real fossils! Young scientists will dig up hours of exploratory fun using the included tools to chip away at the 5" x 7" block and identify the real fossils with the help of the educational cards and illustrated activity guide. Includes 1 Magnifying Glass, 1 Wooden Mallet, 1 Mini Paintbrush, 1 Wooden Chisel, 15 Collector Cards, 1 Dig with 18 Real Fossils Hidden Inside (2 Clams, 1 Orthoceras, 1 Pink Gastropod, 1 Ray Tooth, 1 Crinoid, 1 Sand Tiger Tooth, 1 Corax Shark Tooth, 1 Mosasaur Tooth, 1 Dino Scat, 1 Coral, 2 Sahara Gastropods, 2 Brachiopods, 1 Dino Bone, 1 Ammonite, 1 Sea Urchin), 15 Fossil Bags, Easy-to-Follow Manual.

From US Toy Company, for ages 8+ yrs.

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