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Cosmic Kick the Can: Outdoor Play with a Galactic Twist | Ages 5+, 4-12+ players | For Fans of Alien Toys, Kids Outdoor Toys an

SKU: 120180488
  • KICK THE CAN - IMPROVED: The I.T. Player (“Intergalactic Terrestrial”) defends their glowing spaceship (a light up ball) from Invaders who try to kick it. When the ship is kicked or bounces, the color changes and all players earn bonus points if it lands on their color
  • GLOWING ALIEN SHIP: Games for kids have come a long way, and the centerpiece of this game is more than just a light up toy; it’s built for kicking, impact activated, with five color modes and enough power to last 12 hours (batteries included and replaceable)
  • INCLUSIVE: Players score by kicking the can or tagging other players – but also through luck (based on the ship’s color when it lands). This means that every player has a chance of winning, regardless of ability, making it especially good for family games and mixed ages
  • OTHER USES: The spaceship works for other outdoor activities for kids: kickball, hacky sack, steal the bacon, monkey in the middle, alphabet ball and other active kids games
  • FEEL GOOD GIFT: For boys and girls ages 5+, it’s outdoor fun that’s physical and social; an exciting alternative to stationary light up games, glow in the dark toys, laser tag and other space toys or alien stuff. It’s also a distinctive alternative to typical girls toys or space toys for boys