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Spot It: Squishmallows

SKU: 116100735
Join the Squishmallows Squad in this fun and competitive pattern recognition game with a pop culture twist! In Spot It! Original Squishmallows, there is only one matching Squishmallow or item between any two cards. Be the first one to spot pairs of Squishmallows like Mila the Elephant or Cailey the Pink Crab, and symbols such as skateboards and rainbows, to collect and have the most cards at the end to win!

©2023 Asmodee, Spot It!, Asmodee, the Zygomatic logo, Dobble, and Dobble character are TM® of Asmodee. A game by Denis Blanchot, Jacques Cottereau and the Play Factory Company. ©2023 Kelly Toys Holdings, LLC.