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Playmobil Wiltopia - Elephant at the Waterhole

SKU: 106271099

Sustainable WILTOPIA playset from PLAYMOBIL with Rick and Lu Palmer, elephant, antelope, warthog, water hole and other extras for exciting animal role-play adventures in the children's room.

Know it, love it, protect it! Discover WILTOPIA, PLAYMOBIL's first eco-friendly product line made from an average of over 80% sustainable materials. The latest adventure takes explorer family Palmer to the African Serengeti. There they study the animal and plant world and learn many new things about our fascinating planet. At the waterhole in the savannah, the large, newly designed African elephant quenches his thirst alongside the warthog and the gazelle. With his trunk, he can take in water and also splash it out again. With the enclosed "test strips", children can do their own research and "test" the water quality.

Get the extra knowledge

The Wiltopia web app offers additional audio and video content and takes children right into the animals' habitat. Simply scan the QR code on the animal knowledge card and the detailed animal and plant world comes to your home. That's entertaining knowledge transfer with fun and learning too.

Wiltopia - Wonderful for the environment