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Playmobil Deinonychus

SKU: 106272790
Watch out! The other party has grabbed and armed a Deinonychus! Can Jaden help the dino? With detachable, swivelling cannon. Includes 2 figures.

The adventure with Team Dino Rise continues. Now the teen team must prove their skill in the green wilderness of the jungle, because even here dangers lurk for dinosaurs and humans. The villains have grabbed a Deinonychus and equipped it with a tank attachment with a cannon. Jaden doesn't want to take this lying down and confronts the villain. The Dino Rise play world from PLAYMOBIL provides everything for action-packed play adventures in the children's room with original characters, impressive dinosaurs and modern armor. A perfect Christmas, birthday or just because gift for dinosaur fans aged 5 and up.
Product details:
• The toy set includes Dino Rise hero Jaden and another PLAYMOBIL figure, a Deinonychus with removable armor as well as knife, lance, cannon and other extras for exciting dinosaur role play.
• The toy dinosaur can move its head up and down as well as its arms and legs individually. The lower jaw can be folded down.
• A controller and cannon can be attached to the tank attachment. The cannon can be swiveled outward 90 degrees.
• The gloves are removable.


Figures: Jaden & 1 member of the opposing party; animals: 1 Deinonychus; accessories: gloves for the figures, 1 knife, 1 lance, 1 bush knife, 1 cannon, 2 projectiles