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Dinosaurs Brachiosaurus

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The Brachiosaurus is one of the largest animals the world has ever seen. It's 23 meters long, which is almost as long as an entire lane of an outdoor swimming pool! It towers over even other dinosaurs at 13 meters high. It may look dangerous, especially with its fiery red back, but actually, it's quite peaceful and only eats plants. Lucky for us!

The huge Brachiosaurus can be seen from far and wide: As high as a house, its long neck juts out above the treetops. What is it doing there anyway? With its sharp teeth, it plucks leaves and twigs from the branches. It's rarely disturbed during mealtimes, and not just because of its size. The prehistoric giant is covered from head to the tip of its tail in fiery red lizard skin. It's a clever way for the Brachiosaurus to keep attackers at bay. But, as a vegetarian, it's not usually in the mood for a fight.

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