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Tangram Puzzle Fun

SKU: 108109547
Puzzle play—it’s magnetic! With this unique activity set, kids can solve tangram puzzles again and again using the included magnetic board and pieces. Puzzlers ages 6 and up will enjoy the brain-teasing fun of solving each tangram, plus more engaging activities like Hidden Pictures scenes, logic puzzles and more.

Tangram Puzzle Fun includes dozens of tangram puzzles with an included magnetic board and shape pieces. Arrange the pieces to form a larger picture! Tangrams are a unique way for kids to practice concentration and critical-thinking skills through play. The magnetic board and pieces let kids solve each tangram repeatedly for endless puzzle fun.

The variety of activities in this book will keep puzzlers engaged screen-free for hours with an easily portable format that’s perfect for fun on the go. These puzzles will also help children improve spatial reasoning, establish good work habits and build self-confidence—all through play! Like all Highlights products, this activity set is created by childhood experts to bring kids meaningful benefits and maximum fun.