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Spin Copter (assorted colors)

SKU: 106363955

Spin Copter uses the highest quality materials for sturdy, strong, and durable wings. If you're 2 or 92... Spin Copter LED copters will bring a smile to your face and will definitely... Light up the Night!



  • Three custom designs with unique patterns and six different colors
  • Highest grade material​​s.
  • Super Strong Wings that can be shot into the wind and will come right back to you.  (The cheap knock offs can't do this!)
  • High Quality, Super Bright, LED Lights 
  • Extra Strong, Large Rubber Bands, (imitations use cheap small ones)
  • Longer Launchers with exceptional build quality.
  • New batteries in every Spin Copter that produce the brightest light that can be seen from 1/2 mile away!


  • Spin Copters are fun for the whole family. Use them at the beach, camping, in the yard, at parties, tailgaiting, anywhere where you like to have a good time!
  • Spin Copters high quality wings allow you to use the  "boomerang effect" by shooting into the wind and having the copter come right back to you!.
  • Great for Skeet Shooting, You shoot it up, your friends shoot it down!