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Playmobil Tactical Unit - Figure Set

SKU: 106201934
The Tactical Unit - Figure Set includes a Tactical Unit diver, a Task Force officer, an operations coordinator coordinating the missions as well as a crook.

The Tactical Unit special squad is ready whenever the PLAYMOBIL police need extra support. The police toy contains everything junior police officers need to assemble a rapid response team, such as a Tactical Unit diver, an operations coordinator and a Task Force officer. With its special equipment, the team is on the heels of the fugitive. Crime doesn't stand a chance against this clever task force! With cool vehicles and inspiring characters, the PLAYMOBIL City Action series stimulates imaginative open-ended role play.
• 37-piece police figure set with four PLAYMOBIL figures, three Tactical Unit task forces and a female criminal, scuba tank, helmet, GPS, crowbar and numerous special equipment for action-packed chases in the kid's room.
• Helmets, glove patches, fins, scuba tank and arm cuffs are removable
• The special equipment (pistol, crowbar and flashlight) can be attached to the belt clips of the figures


Figures: 2 Tactical Unit officers, 1 female SWAT cop and 1 female bad guy; Accessories: 1 helmet, 1 baton, 1 shield, 1 diving lamp, 1 harpoon, 1 flashlight, 1 pistol, 1 crowbar, 1 explosive box, 1 GPS, 1 headphones, 1 boom microphone, 1 diving watch, 2 fins, 1 mask, 1 scuba tank, 1 visor helmet, 1 vest diver