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Miffy's Adventure Tonie

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The young bunny Miffy is adventurous and loves learning about the world around her with best friends. Miffy and her friends learn to cope with difficult situations and discover new things through adventure and play. Many of us will remember Miffy from our own childhood, and now she is here to be a part of the next generation of little listeners.

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Friendship
  • Strengthening family bonds
  • Playful curiosity

Songs and Stories:

1. Miffy
2. Miffy and the Puddles
3. Wet Pawprints
4. Miffy and the Dragon
5. The Egg
6. Miffy and the Bird
7. A Nest
8. Miffy the Farmer
9. The Next Day
10. Miffy and the Tennis Match
11. Snuffy Wants To Play Too
12. Miffy the Fairy
13. Red Apples
14. Grunty the Ballerina
15. The Lesson
16. Miffy and the Leaves
17. Raking
18. Miffy's Camping Adventure 
19. Later That Night
20. Miffy's Go Cart
21. It's Snowing!

Total Run Time: 63 minutes

Accessories include booklet & instructions
Made in Tunisia
Toniebox sold separately
Age Range: 3+