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Letters Eyelike Stickers

SKU: 81522291

Over 400 irresistible, reusable, and collectible stickers to mix, match, and trade!

Part of the bestselling Eyelike Stickers series, Eyelike Stickers: Letters is the perfect stickerbook for early readers! It contains colorful letter stickers featuring the entire alphabet in various fonts and sizes. Each letter is accompanied by photorealistic animals and objects that start with that letter (L is for lion and leaf, and ladybug!). It's an alphabet book--but made of stickers! These fun, reusable stickers can be used to learn the alphabet, spell words, and match objects with their starting letter. Whether on windows, notebooks, lunch boxes, or scrapbooks, these peel-and-place stickers are perfect for creating your own work of art anytime, anywhere, and are designed to be stuck on, peeled off, and stuck on again without tearing or losing their “stick.” The books’ inside covers are glossy illustrated backgrounds on which kids can create lively and original sticker scenes―and then change them whenever they like.