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Imagimetrics: A Striking Color-By-Sticker Challenge

SKU: 119041050

A new kind of adult activity book

12 Striking Portraits to Complete—Sticker by Sticker!

Are you a fan of adult coloring books? Color by number? Are you ready for a new, exciting challenge that will take your observation skills and artistic pursuits to a whole new level? Then Imagimetrics is for you.

Inside the pages of this innovative art book you'll discover 12 striking portraits, ready to be colored in using stickers! It's simple: the numbered shapes on each page can be filled with the corresponding stickers to create sophisticated sticker mosaics that will amaze and astound you. This sticker by number book is designed for adults but kid friendly, and its perforated pages allow for easy removal and framing when your art piece is complete.

Intricate, complex, and absorbing, you'll spend hours piecing together these sticker puzzles and creating something beautiful and unforgettable. Large pages and high-quality stickers set this book apart from other activity books on the market and these large, beautiful designs feature fun pictures of animals with bright, stunning patterns. Whether you're looking for a challenging brain game or an anxiety reducing coloring book, this paint by sticker book is for you. Including ten pages of stickers, Imagimetrics is the perfect gift for adults who love:

  • Adult coloring books
  • Color by number
  • Color Quest
  • Sticker by number
  • Adult puzzles or puzzle books
  • Artistic, stress reducing, relaxing, or meditative activities