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GooToobz™ ASMR Maze (Assorted)

SKU: 105731713

GooToobz™ are transparent, sensory tubes shaped like twisting mazes and filled with unique mixes of goo, glitter, and beads that rush and gush back and forth!

GooToobz™ has a patent-pending maze design that creates a vibration-like effect in your hands when the solution inside rushes from one reservoir to the other. Enjoy a Triple-Sensory Experience as you HEAR the audible sound of the beads flowing through the maze, FEEL the squish of the gel being pumped in your hands and SEE the mesmerizing glitter goo flow through the channels!

  • Each GooToobz has a different classification of color, viscosity, and sound so there's a different style for all sensory preferences. Find and squeeze the one you like best or build your collection!
  • Pearl Swirl: Pearl Swirl is silent, but is a 5 on the vision scale! Look up close as the mesmerizing, pearlescent mixture flows through the Toobz.
  • Glitter Gush: Glitter Gush has a swishing sound, and is a 5 on the touch scale! Squeeze the glitter shapes back and forth through the Toobz and watch them rise and fall.
  • Rumble Rush: Rumble Rush is the loudest of the three with a 5 on the sound scale! Listen as the colored spheres clatter off each other as they rush through the Toobz.

Impossible to put down! SQUEEZE the Toobz, HEAR the swish, WATCH the goo!