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Duomoto Subzero

SKU: 120180588

Duomoto is the latest geometric, magnetic shape shifting puzzle from the makers of Shashibo! This amazing cube is powered by 96 rare earth magnets and its most incredible feature is its ability to divide and recombine in ways you would never think possible.

The secret surprise inside is that one cube is made of TWO segments! It’s the perfect magnetic puzzle to share with a friend since you can both play with a single Duomoto because it splits perfectly in half!

Duomoto shares the twisting and turning feel of our Cubendi and Shashibo magnetic puzzle cubes – but Duomoto feels a bit more like a true puzzle. The magnetic polarity of specific shapes only connects one way, but the shape itself can be made two ways. Every twist is a brain twister!

Also, the possible shapes of the segments and the orientation of the magnetism allow for creating both stable and moving combinations. Duomoto’s double features magically multiply when combined with other Duomoto! The possibilities are endless – and so is the fun!

Unleash the Magnetic Marvel - Duomoto Revealed!

Welcome to the unveiling of Duomoto, the magnetic puzzle marvel by Fun In Motion Toys. Powered by a staggering 96 rare earth magnets, Duomoto introduces over 100 transformative shapes, promising a thrilling journey of creativity and play.

Dual-Nature Delight - Dive into Duomoto's Unique Design!

Discover the magic within Duomoto's dual-nature design. Comprising two segments or "Motos" in one cube, this puzzle defies expectations, offering hours of brain-teasing challenges and creative exploration. Twist, turn, and combine Duomoto cubes for a truly unique and delightful experience.

Twist, Turn, Combine - Endless Possibilities with Duomoto!

Immerse yourself in Duomoto's world of endless possibilities. With each twist and turn, unlock a symphony of connected magnetic shapes. Combining cubes transforms playtime into a boundless adventure of surprise and joy!